Organic Piano


Life experiences are living rhythms that affect who we are inside and how we decide to project ourselves on the outside.  My music is a reflection of these rhythms.  Living by the ocean has been a major impetus for my recent collection of melodies. 

Even more powerful, has been connecting with a magical partner and transforming these life events into music.  These transformations create my concept of organic spontaneously composed from audiography of thoughts.

Billy Sammons at the Sprague Theatre in July, 2006




Billy with his piano teacher at his home on Long Island, NY and with his first sailboat



Billy at the River House

 October, 2007



Music Samples

I record with a Yamaha P-250 and the ocean is a powerful inspiration for my compositions.  I have orchestrated several of my melodies by including the additional instruments on the first take.


 Multiple Instruments:   Jammin'

 Soothing:   Ocean Currents

 Just Piano:   All in Time

 Upbeat:   For the both of us

 Symphony snippet:   Eva

 A song about a busy life:   What's the Rush?

 The wind:   Wind Chimes

 Movement:   Tai Ji

 Staying grounded:   Focusing on Center

 Release is good:   Let's Dance


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A little bit about me:

I earned my Ph.D. in experimental psychology at Washington State University and specialize in reading comprehension and memory.  I teach psychology and online learning strategy courses for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online.  My passion for playing piano has grown considerably over the years.  The combination of good food and company, along with ample time for exercise and deeper reflection, helps to keep me balanced.


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