This is the place to download my original melodies.  My music is all copyrighted, so the honor system is used for a voluntary contribution.  You can download as many melodies as you like.  I will be adding 3 - 5 melodies each week.  I have started with 100+ melodies below.  All are in .wma format at 128 kbps or better.



Instructions for Downloading

The easiest way to download is to just click on a file and your Windows Media Player, or other Player, will pop up and begin playing the melody. Then, you can just add the melody to the Library on your Player.

To do that, right click on the filename in the Now Playing pane of your Player, which is on the right of your screen.  Now select the Playlist you want to Add it to or Create a new one.



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I look forward to hearing about your reactions to my music and invite you to share your story with me through snail mail if you like.  Many of the shared stories are transformed into a musical piece.  Please include your e-mail address in your correspondence.  If your story is selected, I will send you an e-mail and an attached melody for your listening pleasure.  It is a lot of FUN to say the least.






As you browse through the melodies please realize that they are in chronological order.  It was easier for me to just use the day's date as the filename once I started to record so regularly.  I didn't want to bias your listening choices by expressing which ones were my favorites, so I chose not to provide themes, categories or to denote the ones that listeners like the best.  I jumped ahead and put some recent melodies at the end...my style of playing continues to evolve as a reflection of life experiences.


My first peace sign





The first 10 are the full-length melodies of the samples which are found on the Home page.


Used lots of instruments and did this one in 4 tracks

Ocean Currents

A soothing feeling from watching the ocean waves break

All in Time

An expression of the commitment to family and the need to relax

For the Both of Us

A push and pull melody as a metaphor of  life's daily struggles



A little symphony about my grandmother

What's the Rush?

A reminder to ask ourselves if we should slow down on occasion

Wind Chimes

The natural beauty of the wind and fine-tuned pipes

Tai Ji

Watching fluid movements was the inspiration for this piece


Focusing on Center

This is one of many melodies to remind me of its importance

Let's Dance

A quirky honky-tonk type moving melody to get you out of the chair

Church to Me

My first attempt at playing the pipe organ with a tu-tu organ treble

My Piano Guitar

It was a blast emulating bluesy guitar using the guitar keyboard sample




October 10 06

Piano with a choral background helps reveal the challenges in decisions we have to make

October 15 06

Piano provides a balance of echoing with bass and treble

October 22a 06

Piano with scat that turns into an off-beat bluesy rendition

October 28 06

Piano with strings and chorus go back and forth in an off-beat frenzy


November 09 06

Piano and strings answer the impending call of wonder about travel plans

November 15 06

Piano with strings offers a harmonic escapade which reflects the difficulties about remaining loyal to family

November 18 06

Electric piano with polysynth is used to express the tension that arises during the holiday season

November 29 06

One of my favorites because it reflects the importance of remaining centered despite the adversity


December 02 06

This upbeat piano piece was composed after the holidays and transformed sadness into joy

December 03a 06

A combination of piano, chorus and strings searches for the finer elements in happiness

December 05 06

A contrasting piano piece that explores indifference in emotions and the pursuit for restoration

December 08 06

There were high sea swells and this piano and string piece reflects the imbalance in thoughts




December 12 06

This is an orchestrated piece that reflects the challenge of moving, leaving friends and searching for peace

December 15 06

An all strings piece that reflects my tip-toeing around the darkness in anticipation of what's to come

December 20 06

A good feeling ensues when a decision to spend time with immediate family takes precedence over other matters

December 29a 06

An end of the year disharmonic piano piece questioning my growth, yet filled with excitement


December 31 06

A piano and chorus piece that exhibits a ying/yang type of resilience about patience

January 05 07

A piano piece for someone who was challenged with major health issues, yet displayed amazing strength

February 11 07

An electric piano and synth expression reflects adventurous wonder in a new relationship

February 20 07

 A stage piano piece expressing the ebb and flow in the need for personal space


February 21 07

The mystery of contemplation is expressed with a choral response to piano innuendos

February 27 07b

An upbeat piano piece that contrasts opposing rhythms

March 01 07

A strong bass rhythm with scat that explores the importance of pulling back like an undertow

March 04 07

Another scat piece that depicts the changing focus of daily activities and a sense of imbalance




March 16 07

I was looking for a beat that would accent the daily rhythms of just meeting simple goals

March 18 07a

Piano and strings were used to express an orchestral sound that changes beats to reflect thoughts

March 18 07b

Piano and strings again in another juxtaposed look at the way our minds go from up to down

March 28 07b

An off-beat pandering with a distant choral response to compliment the piano


April 06 07

A 60th anniversary song for two very special people in the Midwest who have shown what true commitment is all about

April24 07a

A piano piece written as background music for a nonprofit benefit luncheon power point presentation

April 27 07

This piano and string piece was for someone facing major health challenges and expresses her resilience

April 30 07

Another piano and string piece that reflects the mystery behind remaining centered despite major adversity


May 01 07

Another piano and string piece with intermittent rhythms and harmonic chord changes

May 03 07

Set to rhythm guitar and bass with a Latino beat to create a flowing style of melodic swings

May 04 07a

The May 0307 piece replayed with scat

May 06 07a

A muffled piano that uses opposing bass and treble to express the ups and downs of life




May 10 07

A piano piece with slow strings expressing the roller coaster resemblance of life

May 12 07

A birthday piano piece reflecting on the past year and all of the trials and tribulations that affect our lives

May 19 07b

A piano piece expressing the beauty and majestic qualities of the giant redwoods






I have about 7 more CD's worth of melodies to upload.  As I continue to do that, here are some recent ones that I have composed.  There are many slower ones which were done to support a Jade Maiden movement in Tai Ji.  In addition, I have uploaded a few that were composed for letting loose before doing movements.


November 02 07

A slow poly piece for Jade Maiden

November 03 07

A piano piece expressing the importance of balance

November 06 07b

Another tip-toeing piece, but this time with a resounding flow

November 08 07a

A piano piece to reflect inner harmony


November 09 07

Organ and choral in a full sound

November 09 07a

 Poly synth and electric piano

November 10 07

Strings and bass with electric piano

November 10 07a

A moving synth piece which makes you get up and let loose


November 11 07a

A wild piano piece that fingers its way through off-beat crescendos which reflect the problem with perfectionism


November 16 07

A moving bass-led synth piece that explores the deep caverns of uncertainty

November 23 07a

A moving piano piece that uses the bass and treble in opposing rhythms to reflect daily decisions

November 30 07b

Get ready to move with this synth piece and deep bass that has intermittent rhythms




December 01 07

An organ piece that picks apart those funny feelings we get at times

December 02 07

A moving synth piece that uses some fancy fingering to create a dancing tune

December 06 07

Another synth piece that interlaces disharmonics with majors expressing a return to center

December 09 07

Releasing tension is a good thing and this piano piece expresses the story of how passion unfolds


December 10 07

Revisiting a common theme with a jazzy twist using synth and polypad to emulate brass for the tone of the day

December 10 07a

A driving piece with synth that reflects the yo-yo type of experiences we encounter

December 11 07

A synth piece with choral that expresses the dance of life

December 11 07a

Another rendition of the synth piece earlier which adds a new depth to the dance


December 12 07

Mostly strings to reflect the essence of breathing in a relaxed manner to induce a sense of calm

December 13 07

A rather quirky style with synch and polypad

December 13 07a

Evidently this day has sparked a rather sympathetic side of me

December 14 07

A piano and string piece to express the carnival-like feeling we get on occasion




December 1707

A piano and string piece expressing the joy of rain and wind on a stormy day

December 18 07

Some greens and tofu turned lethargic into energized in this synth piece

December 18 07a

A phone call entailed the description of a juxtaposed decision-making situation

December 18 07b

This piece puts the other two together to try and balance the extremes that seem overpowering


January 04 08

Happy New Year!  Reflections of my recent train ride from Minneapolis to Portland, OR

January 04 08a

A very rainy and windy day here in Gold Beach is expressed in this synth and polypad piece

January 05 08

That train ride is sticking with my internal movements and flowing rhythms

January 05 08a

Another quirky piece with poly synth exploring the magic of centeredness


January 06 08

The ending groove of the day is another Jade Maiden piece using the same poly synth sample


January 06 08a

I LOVE playing piano-guitar since I am not very good at playing the real thing...here is a moving piece with a stormy influence

January 07 08

A delayed phaser expresses the dark and stormy day with waves crashing at 30 ft+...sun on the horizon

January 07 08a

The sun broke through and this was my reaction using the same delayed phaser with piano





January 08 08

This was a FUN ride, watching the waves break in an horrendous downpour


January 08 08a

All aboard...I upped the speed here to create a beat for moving purposes to balance an otherwise lethargic day

January 09 08

A rather short, spacey piece delving into a different rhythm with the unfolding storm approaching

January 09 08a

I took the earlier piece apart and added scat and an artsy beat to express that feeling of wonder



January 11 08

A slower piano piece that expresses our need to question what we think we know


January 12 08

A delayed piano with some background reverb that reminds me of the changing tide

January 13 08

A 3-min carousel ride with gold coin crescendos

January 15 08

Like skipping rocks and hoping for a long slider...sometimes it happens

January 16 08

It happens more with this melody...that is, rock-skipping


January 18 08 January 19 08


January 23 08


January 24 08

January 23 with some trial lyrics


January 30 08

A  slower ballad for moving in Tai Ji and finding center

February 04 08

I needed a slower tune to use for the 4 directions in a Tai Ji ritual

February 04 08a

Another rendition based upon the triple rainbow observed today

February 05 08

A piano experience of the push and pull effect


February 17 08

Been busy getting ready for houseguests and this piano tune came my way

February 26 08

The poison oak/ivy got me down folks...wow...did it ever...here is a slow string piece to reflect the patience needed not to scratch

March 01 08

Some scat and bass to groove by on this lovely Saturday...impending storm settling in soon...5 elements for my Living Tao friends

March 08 08

Cloud hands is a gentle one-step movement to the right and then back the other way to the left


March 16 08

Time to get up and dance...poison oak is gone

March 23 08

Happy Easter...here is a piece to move about as we celebrate another equinox

March 23 08a

Another take on the March 16 08 tune....raining outside put a different slant on it




March 29 08

Added some percussion to create a new sound

March 29 08a

Just walking through a meadow without a care in the world

March 29 08b

A wild fingering episode returning to center

April 04 08

A quiet piece with some strings in the background

April 04 08a

A little blues was coming my way on this rainy afternoon

April 18 08

Getting into a groove here...a tune to move with and let loose of all concerns for awhile...

April 18 08a

A slower organ and choir rendition of the first tune today

April 19 08

A combination piece using delayed piano to offset the rhythm

April 22 08

Earth Day is a time for all of us to think about what we can do to make our planet more sustainable

April 24 08

A slower piece with string accents to emulate the steady energy of a flowing river

May 08 08

Been out of town for a while and got this rhythm stuck in my head

May 09 08

I am in competition for a job I really want and so an orchestrated piece made sense




May 09 08a

I played around with the synth pad and came up with this mellow rhythm while watching the jet boats

May 11 08

The day before my birthday brought this tune along...an offbeat reggae kind of beat

May 12 08

 A floating piece to resemble my feelings for the day and to express sympathy for the natural tragedies occurring around the world

May 16 08

The jet boat races make quite the racket outside and this orchestrated piece was just the calm needed to offset the noise

May 20 08

Here is something different for my friends in China with flute and abstract interspersing

May 22 08

Certainly an Asian theme here as my thoughts with those suffering in China are dominant

May 23 08

Still following the melancholy theme for the week with this off-beat piece

May 24 08

Just dreaming...letting myself get still so I can listen

May 24 08a

A spirited piano piece using a brightness sample to reflect care-free thoughts


May 24 08b

Thai bells and light strings return us to the days of old

May 25 08

Trying out some soundtrack themes...I used a story about desperation to create this piece

May 25 08a

Following the same theme with soundtracks and stories, this piece represents the joy in a change of events



May 26 08

Staying with the soundtrack theme here with experiments into the unknown


May 26 08a

Another exploration while thinking of actual stories happening in the world today

May 27 08

80,000 Chinese people having to evacuate their homes and pack what they can on their backs to safer grounds

May 28 08

I cannot seem to get the devastation around the world out of my mind...Myanmar, China...it is so sad

May 28 08a

Trying to spread vibes of hope with another short soundtrack piece with a flow


May 29 08

Feeling good and wanting to share the experience with a soft piano and string piece

May 31 08

Exploring a new world means awakening to the unknown and embracing its essence...this piece reflects my thoughts about such an adventure

June 01 08

Just a feel good piece with piano and some strings...making it through the day

June 02 08

A spacey piece depicting the bizarre feelings we can get sometimes


June 16 08

Guess who is back from China...you got it right...Jo...after about a month at WuYi this slow piano piece came along

June 22 08

Listened to some 80's Queen and got this inspiration...the lead guitarist, Brian May, has incredible talents as an arranger

June 23 08

If you want to know your past lives, look into your present state of mind, change what you see, if you want, through determinate action




June 24 08

A bright piano melody reflecting an inner impulse toward modification of present actions

June 25 08

More sonata-like than anything else...a recurrent melody with a twist

July 07 08

Been taking a break and did this Tower of Power sort of piece for something different

July 09 08

A piano tune reflecting the changing tides each day

July 10 08

Another piano tune that echoes my perception of watching some deer compete for some fallen apples

July 11 08

I was thinking about skipping rocks on a clear lake and seeing how many skims I could count

July 12 08

Just one of those feel good type of melodies...thinking about the circus, magicians and clowns

July 13 08

A fanciful expression while I watched a dog and its owner play keep away with a rag

July 14 08

I was thinking of running through a flowering meadow with tall snow capped mountains surrounding and the splendor of it all

July 15 08

I am not sure what to make of this piece, it starts with a fairly decent rhythm and then gets sidetracked for some reason


August 21 08

Here is a melody with bass undertones...been vacationing


August 22 08

I am letting the summer time fill me with new ideas and this piece reflects those feelings





August 23 08

Sometimes we get that urge to dream of new worlds

August 24 08

A slower Tai Ji piece

August 27 08

A short piano piece with a not-so- common theme


September 05 08

If we just slow down and let the melody create itself, we seem to reach the goal with less effort


September 06 08

Coming to terms with difficult challenges is the inspiration here


September 11 08

A simple little ballad

September 12 08

An extension of the little ballad to include strings

September 13 08

A twisting and turning piece looking for stability in softness

September 17 08

The converse to the soft ballad


September 24 08

Guests are coming and nourishing spirits behold inside and out

October 20 08

Hustle and bustle is almost over, the sun is shining and the birds are singing

October 22 08

Using an Asian sample while thinking of a waterfall gracefully flowing over a tall ledge






October 23 08

Lot of time in the present to think about the future and to carefully plan to make the most of opportunities

October 24 08

I was thinking about my piano teacher and how strict he was about my fingering

December 10 08

Been down in the dumps with a bad case of poison oak...here is a cheery tune

January 16 09

A New Year blessing to all!

January17 09

A new twist on a popular rhythm


January18 09

There is something intriguing about bells

March 26 09

I have been working on a music video...this is a Tai Ji piece I did to change the pace


April 13 09a

The earth is our body, the water is our blood...the air is our breath, the fire is our spirit...and that's called love


May 15 09

A piece derived from a sand mandala experience...an extension of the April 13 09a song


May 15 09a

It is easy to get out of the flow


June - September

Working with seniors and other groups in town making a CD and performing...

Lots of FUN!!

September - December

Traveling and engaging in many other activities...such as agate hunting on the beach...





I will be putting some new tunes up soon!



I am taking a hiatus from posting melodies so often...enjoy...


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